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Keynote Speakers

All Keynote Talks are held in the Bentley Room at the Pitt Building. Talks are FREE but must booked. Details for booking will be added at the beginning of July.

Saturday 22 September 1.00pm

Saturday 22 September 3.00pm

Paul Catherall

Paul Catherall


"Carving Out A Living"

Paul will be talking about the run through journey from a jobbing illustrator to earning a living from making prints.

Looking at the highs and lows of making commission work not only artistically but financially.

Touching on inspirational 20th Century "commercial" artists such as Tom Purvis, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Tom Eckersley.


Jane Human

Jane Human


"Making Monotypes - A Painters Practice in Print"


Jane will talk about an exploration of a particular, often complex, but always exhilarating approach to the making of a unique image.

Looking at a range of Jane's monotypes from the last 15 years, a series of experimental lithographic mono prints and recent Edition Varies.



Sunday 23 September


Sunday 23 September


Louise Stebbing


Louise Stebbing

"No, It's Not A Hobby"

Louise will talk about her career in Printmaking and the part Cambridge had to play in it.

A journey through her life long passion for Printmaking and the barriers she has had to overcome. 

Louise will talk about the progression of her work and the techniques she uses to try and create painterly linocuts.

Wuon-Gean Ho


Wuon-Gean Ho

"An Overheard Conversation"

Wuon-Gean Ho will talk about the culmination of an 18 month long residency as a Fellow of the Royal Academy Schools from 2016 - 18,

when she produced a series of over 50 linocuts, each brightly coloured and full of humour and narrative.

The series was formerly called the Diary Prints or Little linocuts, one made every 10-14 days, for the artist's father,

who remains in a care home after breaking his neck in 2014.

Sunday 23 September


Saturday 29 September


Serena Smith

Serena Smith

"A Walk in the Woods"

Daily walks in the Leicestershire parkland have helped to shape much of Serena’s thinking over the past ten years.

Often appearing as visual fragments embedded within the work, her relationship with this local landscape, provides a starting point for this talk about recent projects.

In exploring some of her thematic, technical, and conceptual interests, the artist will share thoughts around her working life as artist and printmaker.'


Andrew McDowall

Camscan and Middlesex University

3D printing

"Can Digital & Analogue be Friends"

(A conversation about 3D Printing & Printmaking)

An Introduction to what 3D printing is and how it ca work for you.

How Camscan (Andrew McDowall) and the Cambridge Contemporary Printmakers have collaborated to create a mixed media art work.

Why it is never too late to pick up something new.

How might 3D printing and 3D scanning impact on Art and other creative industries.