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Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale is an independent innovative exhibiting event based in Cambridge UK.


Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018 

Work by Anna Pye
The planning of the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018 has begun. 

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Due to popular demand, there will be talks by keynote speakers, alongside several workshops and demonstrations. The core team are also working to improve and develop the educational aspect and hoping to introduce support for Cambridge art students

The founders of Cambridge Original Printmakers, Jo Tunmer, Sue Jones and Anthony Hopkinson wrote a mission statement for their inaugural exhibition in 2014, which was 'to promote and further a knowledge and understanding of printmaking and its technical variables and complexities to a wider audience’.  They more than achieved their goal. The exhibition provided not only a huge selection of prints but also offered free fascinating talks given by renowned printmakers, and demonstrations of various printmaking processes, alongside two Cambridge print studios and the Curwen Print Study Centre.

In 2016 the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale core team enriched the event further by introducing workshops and producing an exhibition catalogue, alongside the popular talks and demonstrations. The team also initiated the awarding of four prizes for exhibitors. 

The Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018 promises to deliver once again an outstanding event, as expected by the visitors and exhibitors.

The 2018 exhibition will be open to printmakers who specialise in hand-pulled original prints, and work within a 35 mile radius of Cambridge UK (from the marketplace).

All printmakers who submit for the Cambridge Original Biennale 2018 will be have their work viewed and selected by an independent selection panel. The Call for Entries will be announced Autumn 2017.

The exhibition will take place at the wonderful historic Pitt Building, Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RP, situated on the corner of Silver Street, opposite the famous Fitzbillies café.


Curwen Print Study Centre


Gainsborough House
Print Workshops

Anglia Ruskin University


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The archive of previous Cambridge Original Printmakers Exhibitions can be found here.