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Dale Devereux Barker - The Uses of Print

Dale Devereux BarkerDale Devereux Barker never intended to become a printmaker; his transition from competitive swimmer to artist was almost an accident. His art college training was steeped in tradition and oil paint but the intervention of a cluster of tutors committed to print opened Dale's eyes to the world of ink and paper.

To book please follow this link. This talk is free as part of our mission statement to promote the wonderful diverse nature of hand-pulled original printmaking.


Dale's fascination with swimming began when he was just four years old. A natural swimmer, he quickly evolved into a top age group swimmer, nationally ranked 4th at the age of eleven. Training four hours a day up to the age of seventeen and having spent some time swimming in America, he was finally to retire for the first time due to academic pressures. The switch from swimmer to artist took place in the following eight years but was rekindled in 1988 when Dale once more took the plunge. A fortuitous opportunity of an artist - in - residence at a swimming pool in 1989 resulted in the first suite of swimming linocuts being made. These received universal critical and commercial acclaim. To date, Dale has made roughly one hundred different images on this endless subject. His ultimate ambition is to publish a book to celebrate thirty years of combining printmaking with swimming.

This talk will track this journey and show how Dale has developed a way of thinking through print to create his own  visual world which he aims to share with others. This journey has morphed in many directions including collaborations, large scale public artworks and teaching.