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Angie Lewin

We are thrilled to have the renowned Printmaker Angie Lewin as one of our keynote speakers during the 2016 Biennale. Read a little bit about her here.

On my walks and sketching trips in remote parts of the UK I observe native plants and how the landscape and weather conditions affect their growth. The North Norfolk coast, the coastline and islands of northwest Scotland and the rivers, beaches and moorland of Morayshire feature in both my limited edition prints and watercolours.

I don’t aim for botanical accuracy but instead try to capture the essence of the plants I see. Sitting on the ground to draw, I'll record the twisting of stems and the infinite variety in leaf and seedhead.

Back in the studio I create linocuts, wood engravings, screenprints and lithographs which often have their starting point in the sketches made on these walks. Prints also develop from still life compositions of natural objects - the seedheads, feathers, seaweed and shells, collected in the landscape, and stored on my studio shelve. For more information about Angie, please go to her website.