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The Print Studio

The Print Studio is a professional collaborative printmaking studio & publisher

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The Print Studio is run by Kip Gresham who has been making original prints with artists for around 40 years.
The list of his collaborations is vast and includes Gillian Ayres, John Bellany, Patrick Caulfield, Stephen Chambers, Prunella Clough, Alan Davie, Barry Flanagan, Elisabeth Frink, Terry Frost, Susan Hiller, John Hoyland, Richard Long, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Procktor, Paula Rego, Kiki Smith & Claes Oldenburg among many others. 

Tim Gresham and Tom Milton 43_Print Studio.jpgalso work in the printshop bringing their particular skills to the mix. The Studio both publishes in its own right and works under contract for other publishers. 

The attitude of the studio is collaborative and experimental. The approach to each artist's work is very adaptable. The means by which the work is made change with the demands of the artist and the image.

Many pieces require the fusion of new and old technologies or more than one printing medium.
Monoprinting, or the making of unique prints is at the heart of the activity. Editions emerge from a foundation of experimentation. Nothing is set in stone, there is no house style. For more information about Kip Gresham and The Print Studio please go to their website.