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St Barnabas Press

St Barnabas Press is a professional collaborative printmaking studio and publishing gallery with open access facilities and studio spaces. The owner is James Hill who has been making original prints with artists for 21 years in his own studio and for many years before that at Chilford Hall Prints, Gresham Studio and The Print Studio.

The Studio both publishes in its own right and works under contract for other print publishers. The list of collaborations and contract editions include Anthony Green, Alan Davie, Barry Flanagan, Barton Hargreaves, Colleen Barlow, Elisabeth Frink, Gabrielle Moore, Geoffrey Clark, Malcolm Brown, Terry Frost, Susan Hiller, Eduardo Paolozzi, Stanley Donward, also Chinese artist such as, Chen Qi, He Kun, Tang Chenghua, Xian Silou, Zhu Jianhui and Yu Chengyuo.

Fiona Thomas also works beside James bringing her artistic sensibilities and touch to the studio both as tutor and editioning technician. Teaching is one of the most important aspects of the studio, educating and spreading the understanding of the importance of printmaking in the arts and it's scope, whether the artists at the studio are to be tutored or guided through the many types of printing offered at St Barnabas Press. James and Fiona are there to collaborate and bring an innovative approach to printing on the presses and also help each artist or student reach their potential. This could be through the highly traditional methods of some of our Chinese friends, hand printed wood blocks and stone lithography or the mixing of media as with Barton Hargreaves creations using our digital printers, screen-printing and etching facilities. All the print processes bring their own unique feel to the activity of print creation.

For more information about facilities, tours, and courses please go to their website or ArtChina.