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Welcome Canadian Printmakers

We look forward to welcoming back a group of Canadian Printmakers who visited Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale in 2016. They are already planning their trip to the 2018 Biennale. Will they be coming the furthest? The printmakers are coming from Canada with a bigger entourage in 2018, expanding from 2 to 8.

They are planning on attending one of the printmaking workshops held during the Biennale. 

Within NE British Columbia the group has members from Fort St John, Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge and rural areas abutting these communities.  From NW Alberta members reside in the communities of Peace River, Grande Prairie and Beaverlodge.


Several of the printmakers have studios set up in their homes. A broad range of printmaking is practiced:

Intaglio including traditional, solar plate, photo etching, drypoint.

Relief including reduction and multiplayer using linoleum and wood.

Monoprints including stencil, additive and subtractive, gel plates

Cyanotype has also found its way into the groups work.


Mary is the primary instructor and teaches in each of the communities.  The group engages master print makers from Edmonton or Victoria to introduce techniques and to mentor the group.

They meet every two weeks Friday and Saturday at our core studio located by Charlie Lake, BC. Nearly all the printmakers have less than four years experience in printmaking.