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Tania Scott Durrant

Tania's prints are inspired by the journeys she takes and the sketches she makes. Whether it be walking and sketching in the beautiful rolling Hertfordshire countryside, the dramatic landscape of the West coast of Scotland, the stunning vistas of the Lake District, the huge skies of the Norfolk and Suffolk coast or a cherished view glimpsed while travelling around London's ever changing sky line, landscape is always her inspiration. Tania is inspired by the work of landscape artists such as Kurt Jackson and Norman Ackroyd to produce works which incorporate a variety of different print disciplines and marks in an attempt to capture the fragile atmosphere of the ever changing English landscape. Collections of found objects and glimpsed views are often Tania s springboard for new ideas, drawings and ultimately prints. In her recent work Tania has been experimenting with combining the subtle atmospheric etching marks created by Collagraph with the flat more graphic shapes created when overprinted with lino and silk screen images.

Tania had her first solo exhibition at Courtyard Art Gallery in 2014 and has exhibited at Tudor House Gallery, Walter Strachan Gallery, Auberry Gallery, Green College Gallery Oxford, Hertford Castle Gallery, Cambridge Original printmakers exhibition, and Hertford theatre Gallery.

For more information about Tania please visit her website. Or follow her on Twitter.