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Mohammed Djazmi

Mohammed was born in Iran 1948, studied B.S Interior Architecture at the Tehran Art University, 1967- 1972.

In 1984 moved to Britain, granted an Artist visa and where he has lived since, working as a full – time artist to paint and teach drawing and painting in Cambridge. He studied MA Printmaking at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, 2007-2009.He is a member of Cambridge Open studios, Cambridge Drawing Society, Re:mark Printmakers, CAM Cambridge Arts Movement, Stray. He has exhibited his works widely solo and with groups since 1986 in Cambridge, East Anglia and London. His most recent exhibition called “Social Commentary” was at Williams Art Gallery, Cambridge. His focus and passion is on social and political work, which was inspired by his life experience growing up in Iran and his first-hand experience of life under a dictatorship. For many years he painted Cambridge landscapes to make a living to support his family, however the social and political work is his passion. His work depicts powerful interpretations of the corruption and destruction of society, which mirrors his previous life in Iran after growing up as the son of an artist and the grandson of a sculptor.