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Laura Chaplin

Chaplin Laura screenprint bluebellLaura Chaplin works predominantly in the medium of screen printing, which involves transferring separate colours of ink onto a surface through a woven mesh one layer at a time. Unlike the conventional process, she has developed a unique variation using frameless screens and can generate screens up to two metres wide and many metres in length.

Taking inspiration from her surroundings; particularly the lines, shapes and patterns found in landscapes, wildlife and structures. She uses photography, illustration and mark-making to create original, unique, hand pulled screen prints.

Her works start their journeys as large pieces of cloth onto which she prints. As the printmaking process develops subtle compositions begin to emerge, at this point she may tear the cloth into smaller pieces adding further layers onto each one until its completion. Composition, the interplay of positive and negative shapes and a build-up of multiple layers of imagery, colour and texture all feature in her process.

Working on a range of materials including silk, voile, linen, paper and metal leaf, her works can be described as delicately ethereal, painterly and often translucent.

Laura works from her studio in West Cambridgeshire and has exhibited both locally and internationally. For more information please go to Laura's website or Instagram page.