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Jo Tunmer

Jo's preferred method of printmaking is solarplate etching. Every year Jo works on a new series of prints that share a common theme. Her 2016 collection is a series of 7 etchings taken from her travelling sketchbook. She likes to experiment with colour so every print edition will be varied. This new collection will be released at the Biennale.

Jo TunmerShe is based in Cambridge UK and her prints and oil paintings can be purchased through Cambridge Contemporary Art, the Rachel Dormor Gallery, VK Gallery and Over Gallery.

Jo is a professional Painter and Printmaker who also teaches solarplate etching, lino printmaking and individual oil painting lessons. Jo regularly organises events and is one of the 3 founders of the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale.

For more information please visit her Website, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.