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Geri Waddington

I have been engraving for 25 years, and am currently Chair of the Society of Wood Engravers. Wood engraving is one of the simplest, most direct forms of printmaking, but capable of a unique sparkle and clarity. I love the variety of marks that can be produced from a small selection of tools, and enjoy the challenge of rendering tone and texture with them.

I’m drawn to both natural and man-made forms for subject matter; plants and creatures, old buildings, weathered stone and wood. My latest work combines the two elements and explores how they co-exist; lizards living in old stone walls, rats in log piles, snails making filigree cabbage leaves...

My subjects come largely from rural France, where there seems to be an endless supply of wonderfully weathered buildings populated with all sorts of uninvited house guests, living their lives in miniature around us. Some are more welcome than others, but almost all offer great opportunities for engraving.

For more information about Geri please go to her website.