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Clare Maria Wood

I trained as a painter and I have taught printmaking for fifteen years. More recently I completed the Curwen Diploma to revisit and progress techniques to use within my own practice.

I like to blur the lines between painting and printmaking and often create intaglio prints onto fine tissue paper to use as collage in my paintings. In turn I take a painterly and highly experimental approach to printmaking, preferring to create monoprints and short editions of unique variants. I love intaglio processes and the collagraph techniques I use allow me to contrast subtle changes of colour with pronounced texture. My ‘Megalithic’, ‘Arc’ and ‘Flotilla’ collagraphs are inspired by prehistoric rock formations, such as Brimham Rocks, in Yorkshire, and Cheesewring, in Cornwall.

I am trying to portray the monumental magnificence of these forms through balance, texture and subtle colour. The hand shaped plates are made from materials such as plant matter, glues, and carborundum grit coated with button polish. I select three or four plates to create a unique assemblage and ink them with layers of colour. I add in hand coloured chine collé and rust prints to create contrast, light and fluidity. I find the approach of making creative decisions within each print ‘one off‘ print very rewarding.

For more information please visit Clare's website or follow here on facebook, Twitter or Instagram.