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Andy McKenzie

I develop my ideas through drawing and sketching. I simplify imagery to give clarity to my intentions, experimenting with colour, scale, pattern and texture. I am inspired by ordinary things and everyday objects. I observe and digest information from the world around me to help create images often considering things that seem to have been supplanted by the pace of modern life. Reconsidered previous works develop through hand rendering giving 'Happy accidents'. Screen printing is the main technique employed. The exacting nature of the discipline enhances the layering of composition and the colour.

The inherent nature of my work is born out of looking and enjoying the work of others. Artists such as Patrick Caulfield and Andy Warhol are obvious influences, so to the recent work of Michael Craig Martins, Jonny Hannah and Rob Ryan. I hope to share my passion for printmaking within my work. I live and work in Cambridge, exhibit regularly with the Cambridge Drawing Society and Cambridge Open Studios, I have a BA Honours Degree in Two Dimensional Designs from the University of Hertfordshire and an MA in Printmaking from Anglia Ruskin University.

For more information about Andy please visit his website.