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Workshops & Personal Artists Practice

See Individual Workshop for Booking. BOOK early to avoid disappointment. ALL materials and equipment provided for the workshops.


24  September


25 September


26 September


27 September 


28 September




Canadian Visitors

with Sue Jones

 10am - 4pm


Canadian Printmakers 

Meet our international friends - Print Artists North - Printmakers from British Columbia in Canada.  They came to the 2016 Biennale and did a workshop with us, enjoyed the exhibition and workshop so much they are coming back to do another workshop and see the 2018 Biennale!

 They will be working on a Hybrid printmaking Workshop with Monotype and Drypoint with textured surfaces, found objects, ghost and shadow printing, layering and counter proofs with Sue Jones Stoneman Press and one of our Core Group Organisers.It will be lovely to see them again.  Many thanks to Charlie and Mary Parslow




Drypoint Workshop


Tania Scott Durrant

in the Cass Room

12.30 - 4.30



Tania Scott Durrant
Join Tania for an exciting afternoon exploring the mark making potential of drypoint etching.
Experiment with the use of hand drawn marks, mechanical marks made using power dremels and chine cole to add colour and depth to your prints. 
Working on A5 plates, all materials provided.
Tania Scott Durrant is an experienced printmaker and enthusiastic teacher. She exhibits and sells her work through galleries and exhibitions.

Personal Artist Practise

Edwin Wilson



Edwin Wilson

Edwin's work is a combination of both the idea and the craft involved within the process of creating a print; they are of equal importance. The craft of preparing the plates is an implicit part of the final image. The techniques exploited are an integral component of the process of creating a print, as well as his response to the subject matter that stimulated that process. Considered selection of shape, colour, form and mark making become paramount and their choice is influenced by contemporary events and historical precedent.

Linoprint Workshop 


Nina Sage

 in the Cass Room 

12.30 - 4.30



Nina Sage

Learn to make linocuts on this fun afternoon workshop. You will learn to design for lino then transfer it to the block, cut it and then print using both hand burnishing and the press. All you need bring are some ideas for an A6 design and an apron to cover your clothes as it’s an inky business! You will come away with a pack of notes so you can have a go at home and a lovely set of unique prints that you have made yourself. Suitable for all.

Personal Artist Practice

Anthony Hopkins 



Anthony Hopkinson

Anthony discovered screen printing about 18 years ago.  Until then he had painted off and on from childhood but printmaking took over his life.

He loves screen printing.   The process makes for strong outlines and bold sweeps of colour.   He works with paper stencils, the most basic method, yet challenging.

He works from a studio at the bottom of the garden of his house in Cambridge.  His prints are sometimes representational, sometimes abstract but colour and shape are always important to him. Anthony is a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and the Armed forces Art Society.